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RC Hovercraft | PDF Plans and Instructions

RC Hovercraft | PDF Plans and Instructions

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Here's a kit to help you build your own RC hovercraft! 

I've designed this kit so you can build the full chassis and body from easily sourced materials (foam board) and power it with RC electronics (link below). The kit comes with full wiring and build guide.

Most experienced RC builders will have no problem building this model from parts left over in their spares draws. It requires only a sheet of 5mm foam board, two servos and two motors for the lift and forward propulsion motor. If you don't have quite the right gear, the design is versatile and can be modified to suit what you have!

To make it easy for you to source the electronics and materials to build this kit, here's a link to materials and electronics you need to build this kit.

Project Requirements and Checklist


A4 printer

3D Printer

Craft knife

Metal ruler/straightedge

Cutting surface

5-10x push pins

Hot glue gun

Parts and Consumables:

A3 Foamboard 5mm thick

Control horns


Heavy-duty bin bags

Screw for EDF motor

Duct tape


50mm EDF Fan

30amp ESC

1806 motor

5-inch propeller

20amp ESC

Lipo Battery 1000mah battery

9g servo

XT60 connectors

XT60 splitter

RC transmitter and receiver

Download Information

File Name: Project Air's RC

File Size: 1 MB

Zip includes (4) four files (2x .pdf, 2x .stl): Project Air's RC Hovercraft Instruction.pdf, Project Air's RC Hovercraft Templates.pdf, Project Air's RC Hovercraft Ducting.stl, Project Air's RC Hovercraft Motor Mount.stl


This kit will provide 3D printing files to print at your own risk; Project Air Ltd cannot guarantee the product will function as featured in the video. Your printer, materials and conditions at the time of printing can all affect the quality of the final 3D product. 

Project Air Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or other negative results from the purchase or manufacture of the kit. 

Digital Products are for personal use only (non-commercial use only). By purchasing the kit, you agree not to copy, reproduce, redistribute, alter, modify, share with third-party, display the content publicly, or create derivative works of Digital Products.

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