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Project Air began as a YouTube channel in 2017, created by then Student James Whomsley. The channel was originally focused around radio control aircraft, but quickly grew to encompass all sorts of creative homemade engineering projects, from rockets to hyperloops.

About James

James Whomsley is an engineering YouTuber. Starting from a young age, James liked to build things from cardboard, balsa wood and LEGO. After discovering the magic of building things that could fly, James started to create videos about his creative engineering experiments online.

After attending the University, James worked for a YouTube channel called Flite Test, writing hundreds of articles, producing a podcast and editing the website. Following this, he worked for The Vintage Model Company, growing their online presence, producing videos and designing a new range of RC models. At the same time, he was focusing every spare minute on growing Project Air - going from a few hundred subscribers to a many thousands.

Each video showcased an exciting new engineering project that James built. Over time, these builds have steadily got bigger and more ambitious. Now, Project Air features a variety of impressive engineering activities each month, ranging from launching rockets, piloting high-speed model planes and even diving in DIY submarines. At its core, the channel is all about pushing the limits and reaching new heights, speeds, and engineering achievements with each new vehicle built.

With a whole roster of ambitious builds in the works at any given time, there is always something exciting on the horizon for Project Air fans to look forward to.


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Record Breaking

Record-breaking seems to be a natural progression for the Project Air YouTube channel, as James has always aimed to go faster, higher and further with each new build.

In 2023, James managed to set his first Guinness World Record: he broke the record for the fastest speed achieved by a remote controlled (RC) jet powered car with 152.50 km/h (94.76 mph). Since then, he has broken two further records with his giant RC aircraft carrier.

Currently he is planning to take on another Land Speed Record.

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The Team

Project Air became a two-person operation in April 2024 with the addition of Emma Hill as chief Design Engineer. With extra capabilities, now Project Air is aiming to make bigger and better builds than ever before, as well as providing more content to an ever-growing audience.

James Whomsley

Project Air Founder

Emma Hill

Design Engineer, Technical Assistant


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