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Rubber Band Plane | PDF Templates and Instructions

Rubber Band Plane | PDF Templates and Instructions

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If you've ever wanted to get into model aircraft, a rubber powered model is a good route in! 

I originally designed this plane as a proof-of-concept for my much, much larger rubber band powered airplane (shown in the video below).

Take to the skies with this DIY Rubber Band Plane Kit, providing you with everything you need, including the 3D models, templates and instructions.

This kit requires an assortment of skills with the use of foamboard, 3D prints and rubber bands to produce a working flying plane. This is the next step up for novice DIY aeronautical engineers. If you don't have any rubber or a propeller, don't worry, you can find where to get them with the links below


My favourite foam board!

Here's a website (with global shipping) where you'll find the rest of the materials and hardware you'll need (such as rubber and propeller). There's a list of supplies below this, so just type them in and you should find them. Email if you have a problem finding anything! 


Project Requirements and Checklist

3D printer with filament

Side cutters


A3 Foamboard

Craft knife

Metal ruler/straightedge

Flight rubber band

Large nose button

Free flight propshaft

10 inch plastic propeller

8mm square dowel 600mm long

4mm rod 30mm long

2x m4 dome head screws

Download Information

File Name: Project Air's Rubber Band Plane Project

File Size: 1.0 MB

Zip Includes (4) four files (2 x .pdf, 2 x .stl): Project Air's Rubber Band Plane Instructions.pdf, Project Air's Rubber Band Plane Templates.pdf, Project Air's Rubber Band Plane Motor Mount.stl, Project Air's Rubber Band Plane Band Retainer.stl


This kit will provide 3D printing files to print at your own risk; Project Air Ltd cannot guarantee the product will function as featured in the video. Your printer, materials and conditions at the time of printing can all affect the quality of the final 3D product. 

Project Air Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or other negative results from the purchase or manufacture of the kit. 

Digital Products are for personal use only, (non-commercial use only). By purchasing the kit you are agreeing not to copy, reproduce, redistribute, alter, modify, share with third-party, display the content publicly, or create derivative works of Digital Products.

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Check Out the Original Video.

Question: How big should a rubber band plane be? - Answer: YES.

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