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3D Printable Rocket Boat | 3D Printing Files and Instructions

3D Printable Rocket Boat | 3D Printing Files and Instructions

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I've designed a 3d printable hydroplane that can be launched across a pond or lake with rocket engines, and you can print it with this kit.

I originally made two versions of this three-point hydroplane boat, which is similar in principle to Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7: a smaller version featured in this video, and a larger one, in this video, that hit approximately 60mph (before taking off!). This 3d printable kit is for the larger version, although it has been since redesigned to be more easily printed, stronger, and simple to set up for a run!

This large multi-part kit provides you with the required information and files to print, assemble and launch a huge rocket-powered hydroplane. Included among the print files is an assortment of motor mounts allowing various launch options, and a blank motor mount allowing adaptation to fit with any motor size available.

Here's a link to where to get rocket motors.

Here's a link to the 3D printers I use in my videos. 

Project Requirements and Checklist


3D printer

Side cutters

Craft knife




Two-part epoxy 

2X M6 machine screws

18mm x 260mm dowel/rod/tube

18mm rocket motors

Download Information

File Name: Project Air's Rocket Hydroplane Project

File Size: 1.1 MB

Zip Includes (9) nine files (1 x .pdf, 8 x .stl): Project Air's Rocket Hydroplane Instructions.pdf, Project Air’s Rocket Hydroplane Sponson.stl, Project Air’s Rocket Hydroplane Hull Front.stl, Project Air’s Rocket Hydroplane Hull Rear.stl, Project Air’s Rocket Hydroplane Rudder.stl, Project Air’s Rocket Hydroplane Motor Mount (1x18mm).stl, Project Air’s Rocket Hydroplane Motor Mount (2x18mm).stl, Project Air’s Rocket Hydroplane Motor Mount (3x18mm).stl, Project Air’s Rocket Hydroplane Motor Mount (Blank).stl


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Check Out the Original Video.

I’ve been taking my 3D printed rocket boat to the next level through scaling it up and adding more engines! With the success of my micro hydroplanes, the natural succession was to do more testing.

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I scaled up the boat on CAD and got to work printing out all the parts I needed. This boat is twice the size of the previous boats I was playing around with last month which should help with stability when going over small ripples and waves at high speeds....

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Included in the Bundle!

Why not get three projects in one? The bundle includes; The Rocket Helicopter, The Rocket-Powered Hydroplane and the Extreme Aerodynamics Body Kit.

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