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Project Air

12" Project Air Space Shuttle RC Plane | PDF Plans

12" Project Air Space Shuttle RC Plane | PDF Plans

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A download of the plans for the radio-control Space Shuttle from the Project Air shuttle videos, an early project.

Here is the 2019 video featuring this aircraft.

Download includes templates to be traced onto foam board to construct an airframe.

This is a small but versatile foamboard model. It can be equipped with your choice of electronics to be made RC, or can be simply kept an unpowered simple chuck glider. If you'd like to use RC electronics, keep it basic with two 9g servos, a receiver that can be programmed to use a flying wing elevon mix, a BEC/ESC for powering the receiver, and, of course, a small battery (maybe just a 300mah 2s LiPo, which can be pushed up into the nose to balance the plane). 

There are also the plans to make your own boosters and fuel tank, although it's up to you to make this all fly! Good luck.

Disclaimer - this file is free for you to do what you'd like with, but includes no instructions and is for experienced builders. For new builders, check out these kits for beginners instead.

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