Upgrading Slot Cars with FPV

Upgrading Slot Cars with FPV

I built a 200ft slot car track with 'virtual reality' model cars - here's how that went.

I've always loved slot cars. I still have my Formula 1 set, ft. Williams and Jordan F1 cars, and it's always fun to get them out and stage a competition with my friends. Not satisfied with bog-standard cars, however, I added miniature onboard cameras which stream video (live) back to headsets to race from a scaled down perspective! 

Here are a few images from the day. My workshop was transformed into the 'home straight' section, with the track going out of the door and down the stairs to the rest of the building and car park below. 

This part was quite tricky, and we almost didn't have enough track to get all the way around the car park and under and through the two (big) cars. 

It was fun to add track-side features, such as these cones, so we could whiz by them from the perspective of the tiny model racing cars. 

A big thanks to Matt (DIY Perks) for helping lay out the 60 metres of track all over the workshop! Here we are afterwards in my Mini, the full-scale version of the model cars used in the video!  

If you want to get yourself the track and cars used in this video, here's a link. 

And here is a link to the micro cameras and batteries you need to turn anything FPV!

Scalextric have recently been in touch, so expect a rematch, possibly with a bigger digital circuit and more cars! 

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