Build an RC Hovercraft

Build an RC Hovercraft

If you've ever want to build an RC hovercraft, here's my new kit!

My DIY hovercraft project started with a model of the full-size, ridable vehicle I'd end up building. I decided to draw up the plans and write instructions so now you can build it too.

Project Air Hovercraft

This small-scale model can be powered with re-used electronics, or you can get everything you need right here to power it. 

Its made with foam board which is often used in RC plane construction. If you're into making your own model planes, this hovercraft should be an easy 1-2 hour build, from tracing templates to powering up the motors.

The kit comes with full wiring and build guide.

Here's a link to the kit. It's one of my paid kits, but through purchasing, I can make more videos and take on more ambitious projects in the future - so thank you!

Download the kit here

(and support my projects!)


Here's the original video featuring both the RC model hovercraft and full-size monster!

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