Breaking the RC Jet Car World Speed Record!

Breaking the RC Jet Car World Speed Record!

Big news! I've broken the record for the fastest RC car powered by a jet engine!

Here is the full video showing the story of our record-breaking weekend that saw the first Project Air video to get a Guinness World Record achievement - hopefully the first of many to come!

The Runs

First Run: speed = 94.76mph (Official Record set beating 93mph previous record)

Second Run: speed = 137mph (nose detached, didn't count as a record)

Third Run: speed = about 120mph (crash due to strong crosswind)


The full story:

The video above was actually the last in a series of videos from 2023 showing my 2023 RC jet car build, testing and record attempt, following on from a previous car build in 2022 which served as a very crude prototype to learn how to operate a jet powered RC car. Here are all the videos in order.

Part 1: The build

Part 2: Testing at a racetrack

Part 3: The Llanbedr record attempt at ROSSA

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Madhav raj

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